Automatio for farmer producer organization

Automation for Farmer Producer Organization

We at Indev, have been working on automation software for the Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) which helps small and poor farmers of India to get organized. The application framework will help farmers to participate in high-value markets to sell their products. In order to train the farmers and track their growth, we have developed a web-based dashboard and a Mobile Application with monitoring and evaluation systems. It will provide training, advisory, and support to the farmers and also gather the relevant information to help them compete in the markets.

About The System

Using the FPO Connect application, farmers can get notified with regular weather updates, requests for seeds, fertilizers, and machinery, updates on meetings and training schedules, etc. Basic training on the usage of the application will also be provided to the farmers so that they do not face any problems in the future while using it. They can train themselves using the training modules available on the application. We have also introduced a Chatbot in this system, which will help the farmers with their questionnaires anytime. Suppose, if a farmer needs to know the amount of seeds and money required for the rice production in a piece of land. Using Chatbot, all he has to do is to enter his name, land details (area), and the soil type. It will suggest to him the type of seed/crop he needs good to grow, availability of the seed type in nearby locations, type of fertilizers required, and the amount of money needed.


  1. The product is developed using an open-source platform, so it remains affordable and adaptable in any scenarios.
  2. The mobile application under this system has field level functionalities which will allow the field workers to enter the relevant information directly from the field.
  3. The dashboard will help the administrator to monitor the advancement of the project with development analytics using graphical representation and real-time report generation in the desired format
  4. The administrator can see the total number of farmers registered, FPOs registration, number of villages covered, etc. directly on the dashboard. He can also check and manage inventory and logistics like seeds, machinery, fertilizers, etc. on the dashboard.
  5. The mobile application also has weather updates, alerts on activities like meetings, training, etc. for the on-field team and the farmers. It also has harvest timeline predictions for farmers.
  6. The Monitoring and Evaluation System helps the administrator visualize the gathered information via a mobile application to monitor the progress of the project.
  7. The Chatbot under the system is able to solve all the general questionaries’ of farmers be it seed type, seed availability, fertilizers, the amount needed, etc.
  8. The application is available in multiple languages and can be adapted to any language with minimal effort. This makes the system a Multilingual FPO Connect System for Agriculture.

Technology used

The product is designed using an Open-Source platform. The detailed specifications are as follows :

Database: MySQL and SQLite

The product is has been successfully implemented by two of our esteemed partners : the “Kaushlaya Foundation” and the “International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)”.