About BARC India

Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India is the world's largest television measurement science industry body. It helps to analyse TRP of TV serials, shows and movies. They collect data from households and analyse them to rate various channels and shows. They normally do audio watermarking before broadcast and install BAR-O meter in the households to record the viewing details. Upon analysing the collected data, they rate the shows.

These BAR-O meters are required to be inspected periodically to check whether they are working properly or not. Sometimes complaint may raise on the same. BARC India have their own service team who take care of this maintenance part. BARC India feels the need of a CRM system where they can keep a track of their daily maintenance work, how many complaints raised, complaints resolved etc all data need to be collected and stored in a system which will be helpful for further analysis.

Indev has come up with a solution Daily Work Management to resolve their problem area. The dashboard has the state wise, RM wise sections along with filters like, Repeated Open Task, Open Tasks days etc. The master list can be exported in the form of Excel format.