Our employ captures her first-day experience in this document very beautifully. Her approach towards the work we do is very inspirational and every employee shares a similar ideology and has a definite purpose at our organization

At this point of time when the nation cried for change and our honorable prime minister started showing the way out; there was this inner conscious in me which heard my own cry for change and lead me to take a big decision of my life, switch my job. A lot of people curse their job but not everyone ends up to this result. Surely, I did!

Well, I am a person who likes innovation and seeks fun in work. Unfortunately, developing software codes, all day, the whole time of the week, all month! It was no fun for me and it felt like a robot more than a human then. So, here I was, in a newly furnished building and all new faces. Yes! It was my new office.

All I hoped was some fun and innovation at work but this decision of my life took me to a completely new and different experience. I no more had to write those boring software codes here. The term they used to define my task was ‘Analysis’, sounds interesting!

I was provided with the organization data and was told to utilize them to know the company better. I started digging the files and this is what I apprehended the first day.

We all wanted to change the phase of the country, from corruption to justice, from indigence to abundance, from malnutrition and diseases to a healthy nation and more. But not everyone gets to bring change. They lack the mechanism. And guess what, my new office had the mechanism to bring change in the society. At least one of the problems mentioned above.

Like most IT Companies, the service provided by my new office was similar. But wait! What about the cause? Were we just working to provide service and earn money? NO! This is not the story in my new office.

First, there was this Nutrition Monitoring System highlighted in various formats. I learned that this organization has developed a system where people can monitor the health of infants and young children. At this point, the organization already earned my respect. There was someone from this private sector world working upon the health of the young children who are the future of the country.

Second, I observed one of a colleague leaving the office and it seemed that he was preparing to go some far. Some sort of travel or something. Upon my investigation, I discovered that the Nutrition Monitoring System has been successfully implemented in some district in Maharashtra and people from my office actually go there and explains the working and help field functionaries to understand and implement the technology better. They had this collaboration with government Anganwadis and also with the government of Maharashtra.

Feels National! Isn't it?

I went investigating the implementation in Maharashtra and I was touched by the work. There were pictures of small innocent kids being inspected for various health parameters. Kids who were among the weaker section, kids who come from the tribal communities. There was happiness in their eyes as they were provided with the services of Anganwadis and if you really want to serve the poor and needy, there was no place better. I learned that these communities of people lacked the basic amenities to live, education and technology were never heard by them. At this point in time, I too want to go to that place and experience the happiness of serving those people.

While I was on my way back home, there was this proud feeling. Proud about what this organization was doing and that I am now being part of such an organization. It felt like you are working for a noble cause and for something which can change the life of needy person.

One thing was sure to me and I was very confident about it. I would never get bored of my work at my new office. The cause was so much noble and it felt national being associated with it.