International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), is the world's top research organization whose goal is to reduce poverty, improve famer wealth and health by science and technology. They guide the farmers on healthy production of rice to ensure quality and to protect the environment for the future generation.

Countries where a huge number of populations depends on agriculture specially rice production to sustain in their daily life, IRRI brings support to them. IRRI develops more advance rice variety which produces more gran, has a better withstand capability against pests, draught, flood and other climate change situations.

Many people do not know the perfect seed they need, the amount of fertilizers to be used on basis of the condition of their soil. In or der to help those needy, IRRI planned to integrate a Chatbot in their website which will work as acknowledge provider to the farmers.

Indev is honoured to have the opportunity to develop and integrate the Chatbot into their current system. The chatbot have the modules Seed availability, Seed suitability, Fertilizer type and amount in it. Whenever a person needs to know something about rice production, they have to simply go to the chatbot and mention their name, are, how many lands he/she have, Lands type. By these inputs, the chatbot will suggest on what type of seed will be good to grow in the land, availability of that seed type in nearby places, what type of fertilizers required and how much amount is required. All this information will be helpful for a farmer to produce the maximum with minimum risk.