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Internet of Things (IoT) is instrumental in creating an environment of convergence in the modern society by integrating data, sensors and human intelligence. IoT has enhanced the quality by enabling a paradigm shift in our professional and personal life. Today, IoT is being implemented everywhere like Smart City, Security, automating Business Process, Agriculture and Healthcare.

Indev has been innovating on IoT and developing many products to be used as industrial, government and district level.


Our Products

Dark Detector

This device can switch on any Electrical device automatically when it darkens and switch off in the morning. It improves the availability as well as it saves the energy. Very useful for Glow Sign Boards and easy to install.

Bluetooth Height Scale

This device will measure the height of any object from the ground and the measured data will be transferred to our Smartphone via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Weighing Scale

This device will measure the weight of any object and the data will move to our Smartphone via Bluetooth.

WiFi Air Pollution Meter

The pollution measuring device measures the level of Humidity, Temperature, the level of Carbon Monoxide(CO), PM10 and PM 2.5 value of any place and sends the measured values to the sever via WiFi.

Motion Detector

Turns off all the electrical appliances running when there is no movement of any living being in a specified area. It can be a single room or full house. It reduces our electricity bill as we often forget to switch off lights, fans, ACs etc. before leaving the room/house. Its portable and can easily be installed in the electrical switch boards.

WiFi BMI Scale

This equipment is specifically designed to measure the length and weight of newly born children whose data immediately gets updated in the server. It eradicates mistakes done by the medical staffs while updating the data which keeps the needy child (e.g. under weight child) away from government reliefs. Around 30%-40% of newly born child in India are under the weight of 2.5 Kg. They deserve special medical care. In such situations, the Height & Width Measurement Machine helps in taking the correct measurement and displays a nutritional chart to follow according to the measured figures.