ERP For Eye Hospital

One of the major public health problem in India is visual impairment and blindness. As per WHO, India contributes one fifth of the total global blindness burden. Cataract and refractive errors account for more than 80% of blindness in India and are largely avoidable. Awareness, easy access, and availability to primary eye care services are very essential for elimination of avoidable blindness. Government has developed multiple vision centers to provide primary eye-care services at patient’s door step with latest technological advances in Ophthalmology.

In order to help the hospitals and government to have an effective monitoring and tracking of patients and services, we at Indev, have developed a system called “Integrated Hospital Management Solution (IHMS)” for eye care. The system can be used to enhance comprehensive Eye care delivery programs in underserved areas. We can tele-record and document the data of provided indoor and outdoor facilities like Eye checkup, IOL, Glaucoma, specialized surgeries, etc. for the patients. The mobile application is useful for Patient’s registration, booking, and transportation and to take follow up by the doctors.


  1. The product is developed using open source platform, so it remains affordable and adaptable in any scenario.
  2. Data can be entered in offline mode and it can later be transferred to the server when connectivity is available. This makes the application a robust Integrated Hospital Management Tool for data collection and synchronization in rural areas with limited connectivity.
  3. The application is available in multiple languages, and can be adapted to any language with minimal effort. This makes the system a Multilingual Hospital Management System.
  4. Field workers can capture household survey using the system to identify potential patient and geotag their location using mobile application to provide the facilities.
  5. Mobile application has a role based logins and helps capture the attendance of users thrice in a day.
  6. The system digitizes the entire registration process of the patient and ensures data accuracy.
  7. Dashboard makes it easy to track the process of registration, booking, transportation & surgery during outreach activity in rural as well as urban areas.
  8. Mobile application gives complete control to the administrator over the vision centers across multiple districts. He can evaluate the progress of work achieved by field workers individually.
  9. Dashboard has a neatly defined user interface for users, with user-friendly ease of navigation.
  10. IHMS Dashboard uses attractive visual component such as graphs, maps and infographics to provide adequate information. It enables the program controller and hospital administrator to see all the vital information at a glance.

Technology used

The product is designed using an Open-Source platform. The detailed specifications are as follows :

Database: MySQL and SQLite

The product is being used by Sri SAI Lions Netralaya, Patna. Our project stockholders are Outreach Team, SSLN Administration, Vision Centers, Patients, Mobile eye camp & Community Health Worker (CHW)


With the help of government and our partners, the project is currently active in 12 districts of Bihar.