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Field Research


Field research is characterized as a subjective strategy for Data collection that aims to watch, interface, and get individuals while they are in a natural environment. Social researchers leading field research may directly meet people and gathered data from them through interviews or observing them and collect all the details from them to fulfill the client requirement.

Field research incorporates a differing scope of social research strategies including direct perception, restricted cooperation, investigation of archives and other data, casual meetings, studies, and so on. In spite of the fact that field research is commonly described as subjective research, it frequently includes numerous parts of subjective research in it.

We at Indev, work according to the client's requirement, and to fulfill their needs. We use many tools to complete the field research such as Android application, MIS, and ODK tool. ODK stands for Open Development Kit, this tool is used by only a few companies in India. It helps the researchers to perform the open-source programming for gathering, overseeing, and utilizing data in asset obliged situations, and to provide the best service we often do in field researches.

We did field research in various issues such as

  1. Women Trafficking
  2. Child Labour Trafficking
  3. Water Quality Research
  4. Rural Health Research



Build the Right Team

We build a right group of people who are educated and work as per our project because a job of a researcher is characterizing the assignment, they need to do with specific pertinent achievement is significant.


Recruiting People for the Study

The accomplishment of the field research relies upon the individuals that the examination is being led on. Utilizing testing techniques, it is essential to infer the individuals that will be a part of the investigation.


Data Collection Methodology

Data collection strategies for field research has very diversification. They could be a blend of studies, interviews, contextual investigations and perception.


Site Visit

A site visit is prime to the accomplishment of the field research and it is constantly directed outside of conventional areas and in the genuine common habitat of the respondents.


Data Analysis

Analysis of the data that is gathered is imperative to approve the reason for the field research and choose the result of the field look into.


Communicating Results

Once the whole information is analysed, it is imperative to impart the outcomes to the partners of the exploration so it could be actioned upon.


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