Nutrition Monitoring System for Children

We at Indev, have been working on combating malnutrition for last six years. To have an effective monitoring, we have designed a Nutrition Monitoring System and have been working closely with the International Development Organizations, Corporates, NGOs and the Governments since 2014. It is undergoing continuous improvisation since.

The Nutrition Monitoring System is designed to monitor critical growth parameters i.e., Height, Weight, Mid Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC), and Hemoglobin of the children. These data are captured in mobile phone and then transferred to sever. After analyzing all these data, the system generates a graph for child’s nutrition status. If the child is doing well, then they are placed in ‘green zone’. Similarly, if the child is moderately malnourished, s/he is placed “Yellow Zone”, and if the child is severely malnourished s/he can be placed in the Red Zone of Nutrition Monitoring.

nutrition monitoring in palghar introduction

Nutrition monitoring system

nutrition monitoring in palghar

Nutrition monitoring in Palghar

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Behavior change communication


  1. The product is developed using open source platform, so it remains affordable and adaptable in any scenarios. The application adheres WHO guideli nes.
  2. Data collected, are integrated with GPS Coordinates with date & time forming a unit. The same can also be stamped on the photos.
  3. One mobile can collect more than one Anganwadi’s (Early Child Care and Education Center) data
  4. The application is available in multiple languages, and can be adapted to any language with minimal effort. This makes the system a Multilingual Nutrition Monitoring System.
  5. Data can be entered in offline mode and it can later be transferred to the server when connectivity is available. This makes the application a robust Nutrition Monitoring Tool for data collection and synchronization in rural area with limited connectivity.
  6. Dashboard presents the data in infographic form, which can be seen by practitioner and Administrators. It has a neatly defined user interface for users, with user-friendly ease of navigation. The System has attractive visual component such as graphs, maps and infographics to provide adequate information in the Nutrition Dashboard which enables the administrator to see all the vital information at a glance. The user can dig deep into any component of monitoring and find the required additional information.

Technology used

The product is designed using an Open-Source platform. The detailed specifications are as follows :

Database: MySQL and SQLite

The product is being used in multiple projects implemented by our partners. Jubiliant Bhartya Foundation, JSW Foundation, TATA Trust, Britannia, IIT Bombay, Smile Foundation are our esteem partner working with us for many tears.


With the help of our partners and government, we have been able to monitor more than 300,000 children using the system till now.