Offline Smartphone Learning

Offline Smartphone Learning

Nowadays, learning through electronic gadgets is very common. Especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is forced to stay indoors And students are not able to attend schools Due to this, students are not able to go to school which gave a huge boost to the e-learning platforms. However, there is a vast number of students especially in the rural parts of India who do not have access to proper internet connection throughout the day. This has created obstruction in their further education.

So, in order to tackle this problem, we at Indev, have developed a new application by the name “Offline Smartphone Learning”. Using this application, anyone can download their study material on the smartphone whenever there is internet connectivity and then they can watch those lessons anytime.The application will be very helpful for the students with limited internet connectivity in continuation of their study.


  1. The product is developed using an open-source platform, so it remains affordable and adaptable in every scenario.
  2. The application is available in multiple languages and can be adapted to any language with minimal effort. This makes the application a multilingual offline smartphone learning.
  3. Using this application, the user can download his/her learning content whenever the mobile is connected to the internet and can watch the downloaded content at his/her leisure.
  4. In order to test the focus of the user, we have also embedded a feature of “Overlaying Question”. This feature will enable the application to ask a few questions related to the content of the video. Once the user has given the correct answer the video will be played further otherwise the user has to re-watch the video until s/he gives the correct answer.

Technology used

The product is designed using an Open-Source platform. The detailed specifications are as follows :

Database: MySQL and SQLite

The product is being used by one of our esteemed partners ICRISAT.