School Management System

School Management System

Back in 2017, we have designed and developed two web-based as well as a mobile-based application under the name “School Management System”. It will help the teacher and parents to track the overall educational growth, attendance, etc. of a student more closely. This system is being used at multiple Schools.

4.School Management System is designed: For Teachers: to mark attendance, generate report cards as per performance, upload documents, have proper interaction with parents, intimate parents about PTMs and other events happening in school, etc. For Parents: to track educational performance of their child, check their report cards, interact with teachers, and have a one-to-one conversation with school management, etc.


  1. The product is developed using an open source platform, so it remains affordable and adaptable in any scenario. Each school can customize the application as per their needs and preferences.
  2. After taking the attendance, the teacher can click a group photo of the class with a date & time stamp and can save it in the application. The saved data will be stored on the server.
  3. The data entered in offline mode is saved into the local storage and later gets transferred to the server when connectivity is available. This makes the application a robust School Management system in rural areas with limited internet connectivity.
  4. The system enables the school to store the attendance of the students digitally, which can be accessed by the Principal, teachers & parents at any point in time. It also notifies the parents immediately if the child is absent from school.
  5. The School Management System is compatible with any device and can be accessed using Mobile phones, tablets, or any personal computers.
  6. The system dashboard interface is very user friendly and can be used by anyone having basic computer skills.
  7. The data saved on the server is highly encrypted to keep all the school’s data safe and secure.
  8. Using this system, a school can check and have a detailed analysis of students based on his/her previous performances and can plot a path to improve their performance and to understand the Key Performance Areas (KPA).

Technology used

The product is designed using an Open-Source platform. The detailed specifications are as follows :

Database: MySQL and SQLite

The product is being used in multiple projects implemented by our partners. Jubilant Bhartia Foundation, Shine Foundation, UP Government, are a few of our esteemed partners working with us on this project.


With the help of our partners and government, this project has been implemented and working in 176 Government school all over Uttar Pradesh. Most of these schools are in Gajraulla District, UP.