Telemedicine (Jubilant)


Telemedicine (Jubilant)
Telemedicine (Jubilant)


Due to the current Covid-19 situation, not everyone is able to visit the doctor/hospital when in need. So, in order to tackle this problem, we at Indev, have developed a new product which goes by the name “Telemedicine”. This system consists of two modules i.e., the IVRS module and the mobile application.

Under the IVRS module, we are providing a toll-free number, using which a patient can contact a group of counselors for their initial registration process. Those counselors will ask a pre-defined set of questions to the patient for basic assessment and note down their symptoms. After analyzing the symptoms, the case will be forwarded to a specialized doctor depending on the workload. The doctor will write a prescription and will also be able to call the patient using the mobile application if needed. The medicines prescribed by the doctor will then be forwarded to an ICMR approved chemist shop near the patient’s location and the pharma-shop will deliver those medicines to the patient’s house. All these activities can be tracked by the patient on their application.


  1. The developed system adheres to all the extensive guidelines given by NITI Aayog and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India.
  2. The product uses an open-source platform, so it remains affordable and adaptable in any use-case scenario.
  3. The application interface provides real-time Doctor-Patient consultation through IVRS and keeps personal details like mobile numbers safe.
  4. All the communications happening through the system are stored and backed-up for any future legal issues in the best interest of all the users.
  5. The application is available in multiple languages and can be adapted to any language with minimal effort. This makes the system a Multilingual Telemedicine System.
  6. The patient can follow up again with his/her health condition, by dialing the same toll-free number and will get alerts on his/her mobile application from the system about every change in status and the final prescription outreach details.
  7. While signing up for the application, the patient will have to fill up a form with their basic physical details and previous medical conditions, so that if needed, doctors can check those before prescribing any medicines. This will ensure the safety of the patient’s health. There will also be options to upload pictures and other medical history certificates/prescriptions.
  8. The system will allow the patients from any location to consult doctors of any other location without their physical presence which will be very helpful in boosting up the medical conditions and facilities in rural parts of India.

Technology used

The product is designed using an Open-Source platform. The detailed specifications are as follows :

Database: MySQL and SQLite

The product is has been supported and is being used by one of our esteemed partner Jubilant Bhartiya Foundation.


Our project is currently operational at Gautam Budh Nagar and Amroha in Uttar Pradesh, Jhajjar in Haryana, Bharuch and Vadodara in Gujarat, Mysore in Karnataka, and Pune in Maharastra.