Turning Point Foundation

Turning Point Foundation is a registered society under the Societies Registration Act 1860; Government of India. TPF started its operations by establishing its first center in 2002, to provide services free of cost to all the drug addicts who cannot afford to pay any treatment charges. To financially sustain them they started their second center which is a paid center in 2006, after having seen a demand from the families to have better facilities for the patients and the willingness to pay for it. The rehabilitation center provided the beneficiaries with a healthy environment where they can live with dignity and respect.

TPF endeavors to include and integrate beneficiaries into a stable and homely environment, enabling them to lead normal lives with daily routine tasks being performed every day. The rehabilitation center treats drug addicts by adopting a threefold approach focusing on preventive, curative, and creating awareness of a healthy lifestyle which makes it stand out among other rehabilitation centers. To realize this aim, TPF follows a holistic approach consisting of multifarious activities such as education, healthcare, skill training, and performing various tasks of daily life. Yoga, meditation, and Nature Cure were also an integral part of the life of the inmates.